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Avoid Confusion By Learning & Following The 3 Simple Steps Before You Start Your Migration Process In New Zealand... PLUS How To Avoid Incompetent Agencies to save you money.

Are you interested to live in a safe and secure environment? Do you want to provide a better future for your family? Are you looking for a migration company that offers legitimate process, helps you save time, money?


If you say, YES. Then, I urge you to set everything else aside and digest every word on this page as if your life depends on it.


Because the truth is...


The success of your migration process might depend on this...


In the next few minutes, you will LEARN the 3 simple steps to start your migration process. Steps that a lot of people do not know or taken for granted. As a result, they wasted their time and money. Plus, you will LEARN on how to avoid incompetent agencies that can save you from headaches...

Hi! My name is Jan Sacdalan and I am the Chief Technical Operations of Visa Premiere Immigration Limited.

We came to New Zealand February 2016. My wife took a 1 Year Post Grad program in one of the well-established Business School in New Zealand. This route gave me an opportunity to hold an open work visa.

Approved Student Visa and  Partner Work Visa - 2016 

Farewell Party 2016

Naia Airport February 20 2016

While my wife was studying, she was working as a part-time Marketing Specialist and I started working in one of the established companies in New Zealand.

Orientation Day Feb 2016

1st Semester -  2016

My schoolmates

Before we migrated, we set our mind that we will do our very best to reach our goal. Our ULTIMATE GOAL  was to stay in New Zealand permanently as a Resident Visa holder.

After her graduation in March 2017, my wife was promoted and reached the required points to apply for our residency visa. 

on December 4, 2017, we received the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT.


Our residence visa application got approved!

In just 1 year and 10 months living in New Zealand, we got our residence visa!


However, things weren’t always this EASY.


As a matter of fact…


When you consider about moving to another country, there are a few things that you need to think about and prepare. At first, we were too naive to know the right process and New Zealand was not our first choice. 


So, we first tried our luck migrating to Canada.  We contacted an agency whom we believe can assist us.


Unfortunately, we experienced the most stressful serviced. 


  • The person assisting us was not a Licensed Immigration Adviser or not authorized to give immigration advice. 

  • We were confused about the process and not providing the most up to date policies of Canadian Immigration.

  • They gave us false hope, high promises and sweet talks that made us feel we were in good hands.

  • They were confident to have full knowledge about living conditions in Canada and yet the person who was assisting us was not even based in Canada. 

  • They claimed to have personal contacts in Canada but no Physical Office. 

  • Their fees are below the market value. Sadly, we experienced a low-grade service. 



All efforts were not worthy of every peso that we paid for their services. We even spent almost half a million but still, nothing happened.  


We came to realize that we trusted an incompetent agency. 


We decided to cancel our contract with our x-agency and thought that our plans were no longer possible...


As a client, all we really wanted from an immigration consulting company are the following..

  • To have an up to date Immigration Policies

  •  Hassle Free Processing

  •  End to End service up until we lodge our Residency Visa Application

  •  Offers valuable information that can guide us successfully through the complex of  immigration policies.

We thought it would be impossible for a company that offers a fair price and provides a high-class service. We were about to give up... 


And if it wasn’t for our longtime friend that we accidentally stumbled upon Facebook, I’m pretty sure we would have given up.


The Idea of moving to New Zealand was from our acquaintances who were also based in New Zealand. We did our research and decide to go to New Zealand. We think that the weather in New Zealand is much acceptable than Canada. 


Also, New Zealand is a great place to bring up children. Most expats agreed to this because, according to HSBC's 2015 Expat Explorer survey, New Zealand is the world's second most desirable place for families.  


There are a lot of reasons why we picked New Zealand and why I believed this is also best for you. 

1. It’s stable, peaceful and safer than just about anywhere else in the world – in fact, New Zealand is the Second safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index.


2. Schooling is free. Children can attend primary and secondary schools as domestic students. NO NEED TO PAY SCHOOL TUITION FEES! 


3. Great Childcare set up. For three and four-year-olds, the first 20 hours/week are fully funded by the government. FREE 20hrs/week DAYCARE! 


4. A least corrupt country in the WHOLE WORLD! 


5. The public health system is subsidized by the government. 


And so on.. There is a lot to mention but these are my top reasons why we moved to New Zealand. 



The New Zealand based company, Visa Premiere offers 3 simple steps to follow before starting your migration process. 

Let's us help you find a better way and provide you the best service. 

Listen, You need to PAY ATTENTION.

This is an essential part that you need before starting your migration. 

because the TRUTH IS...



 the process of migrating to a different country is never going to be easy... but if you follow these steps 

it will save you a lot of time, money and efforts.

step 1: take the free eligibility assessment

This is the same assessment that you took before landing to this page and the purpose of this is to initially check your eligibility for migration.


This is based on the following factors like age, qualification, total years of work experiences and if applicable partner's background/qualification. 


Many unlicensed companies are providing immigration advise and propose pathways that are not suitable for there qualification because of this, many immigrants have to go back to their home country. 


Remember, It is BEST to get it right the first time than be sorry.

step 2: AVAIL the full written assessment Conducted by our licensed immigration adviser 

Once you have passed the Free Initial Evaluation, we move forward to the Full Assessment and One on One Consultation. 


Our Visa Premiere specialist and/or Licensed ImmigrationAdviser will meet with you using a Video Call App and discuss your situation at an initial consultation. We will assess your qualifications and/or partner's qualification, and map out your migration goals for you. 


The adviser will definitely set out the best options available to you. The adviser will be able to highlight any potential issues or concerns that Immigration New Zealand may raise. 


If we do not think your application will be successful, we will tell you. Licensed Immigration Advisers are required by their Code of Conduct to advise a client in writing if an immigration matter is futile or has little chance of success, before taking on such a case. 


Engaging with our Licensed Immigration Adviser provides you with peace of mind. We will work for you to ensure the accuracy of your application. 


Above all the process, this is your first investment for your migration process and the MOST IMPORTANT step that you need to follow. 


I'll tell you why... Think of this for a second, if you are sick, to whom should you seek help? from a doctor, right?


If you need a legal advice, would you consult your facebook friends? of course not! 


The main point is, why would you risk your time, money, effort, and your future, from an unlicensed adviser and company?


I think you got my point...


After your session with a Licensed Immigration Adviser, you will have a clear strategy and entry point to move to New Zealand.


Just like what happened to us... we had a clear pathway to reach our immigration goals. 


We knew everything that we need to know by just taking this consultation and we never regret it.

step 3: BE ready to move! Preparing for a move to New Zealand

In this stage, you’ll have less stress and hassle because Visa Premiere will provide a real idea of what to expect in New Zealand before you arrive.  


After your consultation with our Licensed Immigration Adviser, we will know your points to residency and which pathways or best options you have to migrate to New Zealand.   


Our team will help you plan your move to New Zealand ensuring you know how things work here. 


Commitment to making the move and following through will render the rewards rather than replaying “what if” scenarios for years to come. 

You might be thinking right now...




I am helping you because I want to save you from what we've been through, to save your money and time. 


I want you to receive the best service that you deserve. As I've mentioned, working with a New Zealand Based Licensed Immigration Adviser was the BEST decision we ever made.




When the FACT is..

There's absolutely NO NEED to study complicated immigration policies, when you can leave it to EXPERTS and do ALL the heavy lifting for you.

Working with a Licensed Immigration Adviser will...


  •  Determine the best pathway to residency based on your qualifications

  • Give you an up to date immigration policies to ensure that you receive the right and best immigraiton advice.

  •  Offer a hassle free process to save time and money. 


SAVE yourself weeks, months, and possibly years of frustration, and end up NO RESULTS... 


By just taking the...

ONLINE FULL Assessment and One on One Consultation

With Visa Premiere, You will experience.. 


ACCURACY. No more stressful nights trying to understand the complexity of Immigration Policy.  Visa Premiere emphasize realistic, well-planned, and tailored to suit our individual circumstances.

STRESS-FREE PROCESS. Visa Premiere will provide honesty, straight-forward immigration advice that will put every client on the right path.

SATISFACTION. Visa premiere offers a complete 'start to finish' solution from the beginning of your immigration process to - Permanent Residency. Our approach aims to foster a positive, professional and long-term relationship with the clients.

Let's hear what they think about Visa Premiere

Carrie Cruz

"Our consultation and assessment helped us gain a better understanding of our where we are in terms of our chances of being able to move to NZ. It also gave us a clearer picture of our timeline and the steps we need to take to complete our application. Jan and Aina were able to share their experience with us also, and that was a big help. We will definitely recommend Visa Premiere to family and friends. We can’t wait to begin the process! Thank you again!"

Jovie Rebacca

"The consultation was very enlightening. We now have a clearer picture as to what we are going to do. Ms. Aina was very thorough in her explanation and was very patient in listening and in answering to all our questions and concerns. I like the idea that with Visa Premiere we will be taken cared of from the beginning up to the end. I think that gives us a relief that if ever by God’s grace we will be in New Zealand someone will help us settle. Very commendable. I will definitely share my experience to my friends."

Mary Placencia

"I would like to say thank you Ms. Aina for giving us hope to live permanently in New Zealand and able to bring our kids as soonest as possible. Consultation and assessment indeed helped us create a clear strategy to get our residence visa and help us to pursue our ultimate dream. It was precise, clear and easy to understand. And what I like most is that we are free to ask with regards to our concern. We are so excited to work with you soon and fulfill our dreams with your help. God bless your team and thank you in advance. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends."


And now you have an opportunity to work with the BEST Licensed Immigration Adviser in New Zealand. Let me break it down for you the benefits of availing this service. 


FULL ASSESSMENT from our Licensed Immigration Adviser based in New Zealand & One on One Consultation with Visa Premiere Specialist

(VALUE: NZ$147)

By law, any person that provides you with New Zealand immigration advice must be licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority. Our Licensed Advisers have specialised expertise in New Zealand immigration matters.You can definitely feel safe with Visa Premiere.

FULL Written Assessment of your logical pathway for residence visa

(VALUE: NZ$147)

With Visa Premiere, there's NO TIME WASTED. Because, we will determine which pathway is most suitable for your residency, and what would be the most efficient way to achieving your migration goals. 


This written assessment includes specifically tailored visa and immigration advice based on your individual circumstances including: 


A. Assessing your eligibility for residency by considering a few factors based on the new policies for the Skilled Migrant Category and recommended pathway. 

B. Requirement of the visa suggested

C. Current and future career prospects

Insights on your employment prospect in New Zealand

(VALUE: NZ$47)

We provide DIRECT INFORMATION and REAL TIME OPPORTUNITIES. For other jobs, your experience might not be enough, because the job could be different in New Zealand. But no worry, We will provide you an idea of what work opportunities are like best for your qualifications.

One on One with our Visa Premiere Specialist - Insights of living conditions in New Zealand

(VALUE: NZ$97)

New Zealand based companies, like us. Can provide better representation and can provide a solid guidance for you than off-shore agents or consultants. 


Off-Shore consultants face huge restrictions in obtaining information about job markets, living conditions in New Zealand, pathways to obtain your residency goals and of course the most important service is the pastoral care. 


How can off-shore consultants assist you when they are not even based in New Zealand?  Think twice. 

Provide you with ongoing timely New Zealand Immigration updates

(VALUE: NZ$97)

We are always up to date. The policy is continually being updated and advisers are often informed of these changes before they come into effect. This comes with an explanation of how immigration policies may affect your immigration goals.

This will truly boost the success of your migration process.


Plus, when you avail the ONLINE FULL Assessment and One on One Consultation today, you will get a BONUS...


As an organization that promotes New Zealand migration and cares for the welfare of our clients, Visa Premiere has the advantage to pay close attention to migrants difficulties and concerns, so as to better enhance migrants life experience we provide this FREE Visa Premiere Start-Up Kit. 


You will gain access to the following details.

Settling into New Zealand

The cost of living

Rent a home  cost and information

Transport options for getting to work

How much you could learn and how much you will need to earn to live comfortably in New Zealand

Free education: Child Care, Preschool and Tertiary Education School System

  AND MORE!!!!

(Value: NZ$ 97)

Now let's take a look some more what others are saying about this service...

Dominic & Elaine Beslig

"Thank you, Aina and Jan for your time and the informative conversation we had yesterday. It clarified all our queries regarding migration in New Zealand. we will be waiting for the written assessment and we’ll both discuss the possibility of going through the option 2 pathway. Once again, it was our pleasure having you as our immigration adviser and just to comment that you have a great & wonderful service for your aspiring clients who would like to migrate permanently in NZ. God bless you both and happy resurrection day!!!"

Paula Inocencio

"I would like to thank Visa Premiere New Zealand Immigration especially to Miss Aina and the rest of the team for giving us clear consultation in assessing me and my family on strategies and suggesting what pathways suitable for me and my family. I am thankful that I found you guys. I am very excited and looking forward to working with you guys on our journey. Thank u and God bless!"

Alexandra Reyes

"The assessment sure did help me to plan and decide what strategy I would be pushing forward to. They were very helpful and patient to look for ways. They gave me the confidence that I am in good hands since they are really very knowledgeable of the processes. And aside from that the security of knowing that they too had undergone most of the processes that are required made me feel at ease to see them well and good because it pertains as to how doable this is. Visa Premiere is really worth sharing with people who are interested to migrate like me."

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Frustrations And Confusions?


Are you ready to  Start Your Migration To New Zealand Without Wasting Time?

The team thought long and hard how much we should charge this service...


After all, long hours, days, years and lots of money were spent by our Licensed Immigration Advisers to be an expert in this field.


So, we believe that $500 NZD is really worth it...


- If it will increase the success of your visa application.

- If it will determine the best strategy to get your residence visa and enjoy all the benefits of living in New Zealand.

- If it will save you time and money without dealing with incompetent agencies 


But we value your trust and we think that $250 is a GREAT DEAL. However, you are here reading this page..So, we will offer a BIGGER DISCOUNT!!


read below to know more..


Only $140 NZD Now!

Yes, I Want To Engage With Visa Premiere Licensed Immigration Adviser And Start My Journey TO New Zealand!

Only $140 NZD Now!


Go ahead and avail the Online Full Assessment and One on One Consultation  I can't wait to see you in New Zealand and hear about your success.



Jan Sacdalan


P.S.- I've gotten a number of questions about the consultation, so here are some frequently asked ones below.


Do you offer free consultation?


No, we do not offer a free consultation because we do not give unlicensed immigration advice and by availing the full assessment, we will determine which pathway is most suitable for your case, and what would be the most efficient way in achieving your migration goals. 


Not all clients have the same situation and cases. Most often the cases are complicated. We highly suggest you engage with our Licensed Adviser to guide you on your migration plans.

Does using a licensed Immigration Adviser give me a better chance of securing visa?  


By using a licensed immigration adviser you can ensure that you are investing in your successful migration to New Zealand.


Our Licensed Immigration Adviser will meet with you and discuss your situation with you at an initial consultation. After this consultation, the adviser will set out the options available to you. The adviser will be able to highlight any potential issues or concerns that Immigration New Zealand may raise. If we do not think your application will be successful, we will tell you.

Can I ask for a refund if I am not eligible for a Resident Visa?

There are several pathways to be a resident of New Zealand and our Licensed Immigration Adviser will discuss your options. 

How long is the consultation? 


Give at least 30 mins. We may extend up to an hour depending on client's case and concerns.

Are you open on weekends?


Kindly consider the time difference and we operate based on NZ office hours Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm New Zealand Time.

Weekend consultation is subject to approval. 

How long does it take to process my application?

We process applications as soon as we can. Processing times depend on whether you have provided all the documents we need and the type of visas. But they can take longer in some situations. Applications may take longer to process if we need to check your information or request more information from you. 


Also, it depends on what type of visa you are applying for and the branch in which your application is lodged. We will discuss the timeframe and target dates during our One on One Consultation. 


We highly suggest you engage with our Licensed Adviser and avail the Full Assessment and Consultation.

I have a medical condition. Will this prevent me from obtaining a visa?

It depends on your condition. Visa applicants with a medical condition will be assessed closely by Immigration New Zealand’s medical assessors (on a case by case basis). You may be required to undergo further medical tests/checks. As Immigration New Zealand is responsible for the well-being of New Zealanders, they have to ensure that applicants who may pose a health risk to New Zealand and/or burden the local public health systems are not granted visas. 


I suggest you engage with our Licensed Immigration Adviser to guide you properly.

How much is the total processing fee?

Immigrating anywhere is never going to be a cheap process. We’ve been in your shoes – and know exactly how costly it can be! That’s why we make a point of keeping our fees reasonable and affordable for our clients. During your appointment, we will have a discussion with our service fee and special payment terms. 

Your first biggest investment will be in deciding whether to employ our services or do the application process without a licensed immigration adviser.


Please don’t rely on second-hand advice or forums for the definite answers to what will likely be one of the most complex processes you’ve ever entered into. Plus, New Zealand Immigration Rules changes.

What is the next step of the consultation?


After your Full Assessment and consultation, we will know your points to residency and which pathways or options you have to migrate to New Zealand.  


We emphasize realistic, well-planned, and informed decisions for our clients that must be balanced with accurate and sound immigration advice – tailored to suit your individual circumstances. 


We will discuss your options, estimated cost of your migration and visa processing. 


Every application is different and so it is not possible to give you a firm figure for the cost of our professional services.

Do you offer employment?


We are not a recruitment agency that Offers employment.    


We are an immigration consultancy company we help people to immigrate from one country to another country and through legal and documentation process to increase the chances of immigration for study, work, travel or business purpose. With Mr. Rowel Mercado and the team are the legal expert and have knowledge about immigration laws and visa laws and about the procedure of getting different types of visa.


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