VPNZ VISA CONSULTANCY SERVICES is a Manila-based education-consulting company specifically established to help professionals achieve their goal of obtaining a globally competitive education in one of the safest and greenest countries in the world, New Zealand. It is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Philippines under the business name VPNZ VISA CONSULTANCY SERVICES. Their official website is http://www.vpeduc.com


Studying in New Zealand allows the student to live, learn and thrive in a multicultural environment. With a New Zealand qualification, the graduate has higher chances of achieving personal and professional growth.

VPNZ VISA CONSULTANCY SERVICES is committed to providing the highest level of customised and professional education services to their clients no matter their background. Their trusted team of education experts will guide the aspiring student every step of the way and make the tedious process of applying for a New Zealand student visa stress-free and hassle-free.

VPNZ VISA CONSULTANCY SERVICES works closely with its Auckland-based affiliate company, VISA PREMIERE IMMIGRATION, which has a team of in-house Immigration Advisers who are ready to welcome their clients upon their arrival in Auckland. VISA PREMIERE IMMIGRATION has Immigration Advisers licensed by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority and are authorised to provide immigration advice regarding future migration options.

It is based in New Zealand and is in the best position to provide advice on migration goals considering the ever-changing immigration policies. The New Zealand-based company also offers tips about current job market trends and opportunities. Upon successful completion of the studies, the VISA PREMIERE IMMIGRATION Team will be there to help the VPNZ VISA CONSULTANCY SERVICES’ clients map out their residence pathway in New Zealand. The company also provides immigration advice on a post-study open work visa, partner, and dependents visas of VPNZ VISA CONSULTANCY SERVICES’ clients.


VPNZ VISA CONSULTANCY SERVICES clients are assured of end-to-end support from whichever country they come from until their arrival and early settlement in New Zealand through its partnership with VISA PREMIERE IMMIGRATION.

*VPNZ Visa Consultancy Services is an independent company based in the Philippines and is a business affiliate of Visa Premiere Immigration Limited based in Auckland.

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Tel: +64 9-884-3968


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